What is coaching?

Coaching focusses on high performance and targets improvement in the workplace. Our approach is on helping you to gain or improve on specific skills and goals,  and in doing so we aslso look at improvements to your personal characteristics (interpersonal skills or self-confidence).

Our work with you will typically last for a relatively short period of perhaps 6 sessions each of which lasts for 1hour to 2 hours.These can be in person though increasingly we use telephone coaching techniques to maximise the impact while minimising your time away from the workplace.

For coaching in organisations we advocate;

  • a non-directive form of coaching.
  • a focus on improving performance and your individual skills.
  • looking at personal issues where they impact on you performance at work.
  • using coaching activities that have both organisational and individual goals.
  • a look at both your strengths and your areas for development.
  • using only Certified Coaches all of whom have held senior management roles.

Please contact us for an initial consultation.